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Dmitri Zharskiy

  • General Manager, Veta Expert Group
  • Category 1 Appraiser, Forensic Expert
  • Member of the Association of Antitrust Experts


  • In 2001 graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod with a degree in Mathematics, and a degree in Accounting and Audit.
  • In 2017 successfully passed Professional retraining at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University under the program Economic Expert Examination in Litigation.
  • Obtained qualification certificates in the field of valuation activities in the following disciplines: Business Valuation, Movable Property Valuation, Real Estate Valuation.
  • Completed an MBA course Euromanagement — Master of Business Administration at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
  • A Regular Member of the Non-profit partnership Self-regulated organization of the Association of Russian Master Appraisers and the Association of Forensic Experts.
  • Certified by the Non-profit partnership Chamber of Forensic Experts to perform forensic examinations in the fields of: Study of construction facilities and functionally related to them areas in order to determine their value, Study of financial condition and financial and economic activity indices of an economic entity.

Competencies and Areas of Interest:

  • Development and support of investment projects (commercial and residential real estate), lending to small and medium-sized businesses; valuation of business, property complexes and investment projects. Financial and economic analysis of an enterprise.
  • Building economic models and enterprise activities forecasting.
  • Financial and economic expert examination in bankruptcy proceedings, calculation of losses and lost profit.
  • Market research, financial and economic expert examinations on tariff calculations and monopolistic, other economically unreasonable prices, losses caused by violations of antitrust laws.
  • Practicing forensic expert with 10 years of experience.

Publications and Social Activities:

  • Co-author of the book Property Valuation: Everything an Owner Needs to Know, published by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
  • Co-author of the guide Recovery of Damages for Lost Profits: Practical Application and Calculation Features.
  • Author of the training manual for lawyers Construction and Technical Expert Examination is the Key to a Successful Outcome of the Construction Litigation.
  • Author of monographs and articles in the field of forensic expertise and valuation.
  • Speaker of scientific and practical conferences on the following topics: Bankruptcy, Judicial Practice, Property Valuation.


  • Forensic examination to determine the amount of real damage and lost profits from a fire at the production of the federal cosmetics chain. The amount of losses established and proved in court amounted to almost 3 billion rubles.
  • Expert opinion on determining losses caused by the delivery of substandard goods when considering that case in the ICAC.
  • Preparation of a review and challenging the results of a forensic examination to determine the signs of deliberate bankruptcy of a coal mining company. As a result, a re-examination was appointed and the dispute on bringing to vicarious liability for more than 2 billion rubles was won.
  • The rubber commodity market research held, in accordance with FAS Order No. 220, in the framework of litigation between the largest petrochemical holding and a federal tire manufacturer, considered by the FAS of Russia.
  • Preparation of an expert opinion on the study of the economic feasibility of bidders' conduct in the framework of challenging the decision of the Office of Federal Antimonopoly Service on bringing to responsibility on the telecommunications equipment procurement market.
  • Conducting research on determining the company's market share and the dominant economic entities in the market for the major international Internet recruitment company in accordance with FAS Order No. 220.
  • Forensic financial feasibility study held to establish the date of objective bankruptcy in isolated dispute over bringing to vicarious liability in the bankruptcy of a regional wholesale trading company.
  • Conducting a study to calculate lost profits resulting from a buyer'sbreach of contract for Russia's major mining equipment manufacturing company. The lost profit of 1.2 billion rubles calculated in the study became one of the evidences in the trial.
  • Forensic financial feasibility study to determine the financial condition of the guarantor as part of challenging the bankruptcy of the largest regional milk manufacturer. As a result, the federal bank managed to protect the deal 300 million rubles worth.

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